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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care

Majors Creek

August 11:  The town of Captains Flat was on the agenda for today. Very cold and windy weather for Geocaching. Captains Flat was named after a bull that liked his special spot to lay down and relax. The towns fame was for mining up until 1972.

August 9:  We drove to Ballalaba (say that 3 times real fast) for more Geocaching.

August 8:  I took Dusty to the Vet to check on a lump. It was just fatty tissue. Whew!

August 7:  Walked into town to get the mail and take pictures of some of the old surviving buildings from the age of gold mining.

August 6:  We had a wonderful conversation with family whom had gathered for Doris’s birthday celebration. Afterwards, Gary, Dusty and I jumped in the car for more Geocaching in Araluen. The town was a great gold mining town but now grows peaches.

August 5:  Happy Birthday Mom  We walk to the Majors Creek cemetery which is close by. The oldest grave belongs to a 2 yr old at died in 1865. The clouds have rolled in and it looks like it could rain.

August 4:  The Master Chef is baking cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Gary is creative in using a mug to roll the dough since there isn’t a rolling pin. Tried to buy beans at the store but the northern part of Australia has had too much rain and has ruined the crop.

August 2:  We wake up to a heavy frost which lays a blanket of snow white crystals everywhere.  We wait for the sun to warm the air up before walking to the local waterfall. Along the way Dusty and a wombat are having a stare down while kangaroo are jumping away. We walk through a rain forest and discover a small canyon made by the creek as the water makes it’s way to the ocean.

July 31:  Today we are Geocaching at Batemans Bay which is about one hour away.  It is a very cute beach community close enough for the folks in Canberra to drive to their beach place every weekend. We were told to avoid driving Friday night and Sunday night because of the traffic. We had a great lunch of seafood. Gary was able to taste the Clyde River oysters which he said were very nice. Started the fires in both the stove and the fireplace to take the chill from the house just before it started to rain.

July 29:  We have settled into a morning routine: I stay in bed until Gary has the wood fire blazing. After breakfast Dusty is service his morning treat. We walk to the shed to feed the ram. He (the ram wasn’t given a name) makes it known that he is hungry. The Ram has a very deep baaaah - it almost sounds fake. I enjoy the sound. Then on to the paddock (for Dusty’s walk) where we have seen kangaroos every morning. Only once on an afternoon walk was I disappointed. Back at the house, Gary will place a scoop of bird feed into the feeder. We will then sit on the porch and watch the birds have their breakfast. Today the birds were after Dusty’s bone which he didn’t like.

July 28:  Met several nice people at the pub last night. We won’t make a daily habit of this when we can save by drinking at home but it’s nice to meet the locals.

Braidwood was having a Saturday morning market which we attended. We left Dusty in the car for a quick look see then we started our Geocaching. Braidwood has an interesting cemetery where we found a Geocache. Many of the headstones date back to the 1800s.  There is also one at St Stephens Church in Majors Creek. We are 3 for 3.

July 27:  We have our computer back. You don’t know how important something is until you don’t have it anymore. It was an easy fix for Gordon. C drive was bad but we could transfer everything to D drive. This afternoon we drive 16 kilometers to Braidwood to replenish our groceries. We also find the butcher and will try his sausages.

OOOOh it’s time to go to the pub.

July 24: We are by ourselves in the very comfy home that Speedy built 35 years ago. Gary has his camera with him to see if can photographically capture a kangaroo. They are very quick and hop away into the eucalyptus trees.  Dusty is a lovely dog. He doesn’t mind as well as I would like. He loves affection but is content to just lay on the floor as well. We have bird see to put out for the galahs and the parrots. They are so beautiful with their vibrant colors.

July 23:  We get a tour of the house and the shed where the 12 year old sheep is fed and bed. Speedy then takes us on a walk-about with Dusty, the dog. We see kangaroo in a field very close to the house. Our walk into town is into the “bush”, over a narrow bridge, and through a barbed wire fence. The post office is next to the pub. We meet Kate, the pub owner, and Audrey. Speedy points out the old school house and old police station.

Majors Creek history: In 1851 Mrs Baxter discovered gold. The town can claim to have had the largest goldfield in NSW with over 2,000 miners. Majors Creek is luck to have a beautiful stone Anglican church dedicated in 1872. Many of the miners were convicts from the UK. The pub was the Elrington Hotel back in them thar days.

I sit at the desk to write my journal and OMG we get a warning that our hard drive is corrupted.  Gary backs up everything which takes a while with all of our movies. Thank goodness Speedy has left a number for computer repair.

July 22:  Australia

We have arrived in Canberra with “No Drama”. The landscapes is harsher then New Zealand but it feels warmer - yeah! Speedy and Jain are a wonderful couple. They had a Welcome sign the on Majors Creek Association Board so now the whole town of 200 people know we have arrived. This reminds me of going to Waukon, Iowa as a child to see my Grandparents and discovering our names in the paper as out-of-town visitors.