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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care


October 7: Today was the glamorous and entertaining day of bill paying. Did work on pictures - hope you enjoy them.

October 6: Ferry ride to Gozo in a small tourist van with 6 other couples. Gozo is much smaller and the pace of life is slower however trying to fit the highlights of Gozo in one day was hectic.

October 5: We hopped off the bus to see the third largest domed cathedral in the world (after St Peter in Rome and Hagia Sophia in Istanbul). The morning sun light twinkled on the gold flowers used to decorate the ceiling. It was magnificent.

Our second stop was the ancient capital of Malta, Mdina also called the “Silent City”. The medieval alleys and lack of tourist or residents give the city that “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” feel and you hope you can find the Jeannie In A Bottle to make your wishes come true.

Side Bar - I have a “thing” for beautiful doors. Just image where that door might take you - that’s why so many door pictures.

October 4: It poured this morning for 2 hours so we had a pastry and weak coffee in a cafe before our cruise of the Grand Harbor. This is a must for anyone who hasn’t see Malta before. The harbor is large and you can see all the building built by the Knights of St John, who planned the city as a refuge to care for injured soldiers and pilgrims during the Crusades in the 16th century.

October 3: Way too many things to see on the Hop On and Hop Off bus. Valletta, the capital is “way cool” - reminds me of Venice without the canals.

Malta has history that dates back to 3600 BC. I have often thought that if I could have another career I would have liked to be an archaeologist except I hate the heat. Please refer to for an excellent photo of the Tarxien Temples. Our photos just can’t give it the “wow” factor it deserves.

October 2: Lazy Day.

October 1: We say Goodbye to Paris. The Paris Visite card which is the metro ticket was indispensable. Purchased it on two different occasions.

Have to remember this for next time. We made it to the Orly airport for our flight to Malta. Oh Boy a new country!

We attended the Notte Bianca festival in Valletta. That was a mistake - no crowd control. I actually was afraid at one point when we couldn’t move.