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January 15: Smrzovka Architecture:

We walked to the train station to take the train to Smrzovka. We see the little yellow train several times a day from our front windows. We didn’t buy a ticket as we couldn't understand how to buy a ticket from the automated machine which was on the train. There was no one manning the train station.

Our goal was to walk around and see the town. I am continually amazed at the wonderful architecture of the Czech Republic. I think the communist era was very hard on the people and the buildings. Have you ever washed a rental car????? I have to smile first before I will see a smile. Gary is very good at saying Dobry Den (Good Day) to most folks and they always will return the greeting.

Some of the building you see are well kept and others are falling apart. We have learned that there are many glass factories that have had to close as it is cheaper to get glass items from China. We visited a museum in Smrzovka but I think it really was just a store selling all types of glass. There was a beautiful wine carafe for $25!

We did buy a return ticket to Josefuv Dul. We walked to the grocery store to purchase a few necessary items. They had smoked ribs which we brought home and had for lunch. They were delicious but a lot of work as the spine was still attached to the ribs. We got home just in time as it really started to snow. Gary will have to shovel tomorrow.