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  Wanderlust Home and Pet Care


October 27: Steve is driving the four of us back to Lugano Switzerland. The valleys are lovingly protected between the long strong arms of the mountains. It is a beautiful sight. We stop for lunch at a delight town, Alfdorf. I am guessing it has something to do with William Tell of the arrow through the apple fame as his statue along with his son’s is standing in the main square. We are also delighted with the stores advertising concept.

I have been through more tunnels today then the prairie dogs back home have in my yard!

We splurged and had a wonderful dinner at a small restaurant recommended by the Bridgemans. The food melted in your mouth, the wine was fit for kings and the service was delightful. Our hotel is located in the center of the old city. The down side it is right next to the funicular which runs until 11:50pm and we had our windows open to cool down the room.

October 26: Sunshine- Yahoo! I was looking forward to fried eggs this morning but low and behold we had purchased hard boiled eggs! What a laugh. Continued on the cog rail to Kleine Scheidegg where we could see Mount Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau. After our photo opportunity we continued to Grindelwald for our picnic. We had a regular train from Grindelwald to Zweilutschinen, bus to Lauterbrunnen and cog to Wengen. This area has to be the hiking capital of the world. The trails are wonderful, almost like walking on a gravel road but smaller.

October 25: Chalet Traumli has turned out to be a perfect location in Berner-Oberland - to get to Wengen we had to take a cog railway. Note to self - the towns really closes up the middle of October but no crowds. Bus to Trummelbach Falls which was amazing. Cable car to Gimmelwald (where Rick Steves stays), cable car to Murren, cog railway and Dinner in Lauterbrunnen and finally cog rail back to Wengen. Gary had Wild Boar - glad he had it but won’t order it again.

October 24: I haven’t traveled through Switzerland since 1969. I had forgotten how majestic the mountains could be with fruit trees and grape vines clawing their way up the steep slope from the lush valley below. We stopped at Chateau Chillon and learn all about the execution of witches during the 15th and 16th century. It was dangerous to live in Switzerland during that time period. Our biggest surprise was the car train which shaved two hours driving to our destination.

October 23: Up early to make to catch a plane to Geneva Switzerland. Had a problem getting cash. Note to self, even though the debit card has horrible transaction fees it probably is the best way to go, as a cash advance from a credit card has Maximum total  $ withdrawals until you pay the balance off or attach to a checking account . Caught two different train to the small town of Genolier to meet Heidi and Steve. The B&B was lovely.